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Why Make a Will?

A Few Reasons
1. A most difficult time is easier for loved ones.
2. Name who is the guardian of your children.
3. Prevent bitter family battles.
4. Smooth out the legal process.
5. Specify who gets your assets.
6. Protect the family home or business.
7. Minimize legal costs.
8. Your last written word on earth.

Save Money
You have heard people on radio and TV, seen ads in your papers and even other sites on the web for as much as $39.95 (ouch) for their last will and testament or legal will kit.

Advantages of a Trust
1. Property in a living trust does not go through a probate.
2. The trust document is never made public like a will
3. You can name alternative beneficiaries to inherit property if a primary beneficiary dies before you do.
4. Allows others to handle your assets when you are not able to.