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Last Will & Testament Legal Will Kits

Once you purchase our electronic package, download to Microsoft Word and fill in the blank areas, save and print. Great value from Last Will & for legal living wills, powers of attorney and personal directives, estate planning.


You have heard people on radio and TV, seen ads in your papers and even other sites on the for as much as $39.95 (ouch) for their last will and testament or legal will kit.


Our legal will kits are so simple they could be filed out by a child in grade school! Our program is written in Microsoft Word, write in your info and hit the tab key to go to the next blank. We have six standard forms for most USA customers and six for Canadians plus two living wills.


There is an excellent chance your government could take a good chunk of your estate if you do not have a "last will and testament" in place. Your last will and testament is one of your most important documents ever.

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